R u l e r & K i l l e r

A king without his sword.

I'm the Devil.
What else is there for me to talk about?

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// Still haven’t found any fcs but I found a thing for creatures.

// Looking for new fcs is a pain.

// Ok,done with the theme.

// Deleting some threads, retiring old fcs,and looking for a new theme. 

// After I got my theme all nice and matching…I’m gonna change it.

//Yeah, she doesn’t want to make him good. She wants him to stay evil. Keep doing what he’s doing. If he was good, then she’d really have to question the validity of everything that he was doing with his own morality and no.

// Yeah, see that’s what I like. Being evil just because you want to or your good at it. There’s no tragic backstory or some weird thing where he’s actually the good guy but misunderstood. He hates that. He likes what he is and what he does. Hates that people try and change him. 

//hm, that is true. And Wolfe says that she realizes that he’s evil, but she likes that he’s evil. I don’t understand her. Give her your evil and insane and she’s totally fine.

// Now he’s just flattered. 

//I’ve heard about that. I wonder why that is. I’m still not sure why people want to marry them, but if they’re really charismatic, I guess I could see it. I mean, I look at Dev, and Wolfe is taken by him - and I’m like: you know he’s evil, how …?

// Well, there’s a term that one of the collectors said and it’s called safe danger. You can close to them,and know that you can’t be hurt. They’re in prison and they’re not gonna get out soon. Being charismatic,interesting,and etc. also helps.  

Hahaha,yeah that’s also true. I mean, he’s evil. Just evil,and yet people flock to him because he’s charming.